We know that you`ll didn’t hear some Argus tunes lately at least a couple of years but we are still alive and kicking !
Much has happened the last year.
We played in 2022 in “de Boerderij” Zoetermeer on Progdreams and we did Prognosis in Eindhoven Effenaar see the pics at the end of this message.
Unfortunately we had to say farewell to guitar players Ton and Jos but we had welcomed Naud and (and that is a familiar face) Wim on guitar to step in the abandoned spaces.
Furthermore we welcomed a second keyboard player and backing vocalist Renier so Argus is more than one on fully speed.
From no one we will update the site more frequently so keep in touch.

Greetings Team Argus

Prognosis pics click <Prognosis Effenaar 2022 – Argus (argus-rock.nl)> here

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